Up’s and Down’s

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Ups and Downs.


Posted by on May 15, 2004 in Background

Moving up through the MotoX ranks Kyle went from 50cc to 65cc in 2002, by which time he became 65cc champion of Valencia at the age of 11 and also won the Supercross championship of Valencia, The following year when his legs would reach he moved up to 80cc ‘small wheel’ class, Kyle got invited […]

Kyle The Kid

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Huddersfield born Kyle Smith started his 2 wheel career age 5 when his Dad (Gary) bought him the children’s favorite the PeeWee . . . a Yamaha PW50 auto. Gary spent some of his youth racing two wheels both dirt and tarmac and was a tough competitor, this was his passion and was always going […]

Family Relocation

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At the age of 7 Kyle’s family decided to up roots and move to Spain, within a year he and his older sister Stacey were both fluent in Spanish and were mixing with local life through school and sports, Gary and Lorraine searched out the local MotoX clubs and circuits in the region and entered […]