2013 Moto2 Round 3. Jerez Spain

Disappointing event for Kyle, race day saw him tangled up with Marinelarena and Axel Pons, loosing a gear shift and foot peg Kyle had to pit. A lap down he used the rest of the track time to set some consistent lap times, equalling 15 place, before tippling off at a slow right hander about 10 laps in.
Qualifying was impressive in the individual sectors even managing to set a pole 1st sector 7 mins from the end, but Kyle didn’t manage to string all four together, disappointed as he is just now but the team not, still very happy with his progress, defiantly getting a grip with his machine but maybe a bit anxious time to time.
Big thanks to the UK support out there with the ‘Huddersfield Union Jack’ and the ‘show us your belly’ support ! ┬áKyle was made up to see that.Jerez
Hope we have a positive Le Mans in 2 weeks, if you want to see a belly . . His Dads going !!

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