2009 New National Race Series for Kyle Kawasaki ‘Ninja Cup’

Sorry for the delay in news with Kyle’s racing progress. an unsure start to the season was part reason, however the story goes:

Team Aspar excluded Kyle from the CEV national team due to the countries credit crunch like our own, also breaking his pelvis twice in one season didn’t help, so a new race series was needed.

2009.  His manager Juan Borga chose the Ninja Cup. Kawasaki 600’s racing in a national series along with the CEV. A lesser series but still a competative recognised class.

Race 1,  Albacete and only receiving the bike 2 days before Kyle managed a 5th place result.

Race 2, Jerez southern Spain. Kyle got an unmistakable clear win delighting the team and surprising the competition.

Race 3, Valencia, and another win with a lead of 10 seconds. things looking up.

Race 4,  Cancelled

Race 5,  Valencia, and another comfortable Win,

Race 6,  Barcelona, After getting punted off the track, Kyle re joined and worked his way up to a podium finish of 3rd place.

Race 7,  On to the last round in Valencia and another comfortable win for Kyle which makes him Kawasaki Ninja Cup National Champion on Spain.

Good Lad.


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