Round 2 thailand. Brake fade issues

A braking problem dashed hopes for Kyle at the 2nd round of the 2017 World Supersport Series. Brake fade dur to over heating caused Kyle to over run a few corners to which the governing body deemed ‘unsporting’!! Kyle fails to see the penalty board (as did another rider) and earned him an un-justified black flag. the problem corrected then Kyle rode his best race yet after dropping back several times, then from 9th to 2nd being the fastest man on the track, such bad fortune !!

“Well that was a disappointment. I had a real problem with my front brake which kept fading then coming back and I just couldn’t stop when I passed the 3 guys. I’m sorry for Gamarino that he crashed but it wasn’t a lunge and I think the video shows that. I had to change my braking to compensate and think I could have had the win with another lap but instead its a DQ. Rules are rules and I’m not a rider who will ignore a penalty but I honestly couldn’t see the board where it was and the team didn’t put it on my pit board. Gino Rea also had problems seeing the circuit board so maybe its something that can be changed for next year. If I could see the order obviously I wouldn’t have got involved in the leader fight and my manager has told me that had i taken the 3 position drop I would have probably finished 4th anyway. So its definitely something we have to sort out and make sure I get the signals. We just have to take the positives with us now and aim for the win at Aragon. Thanks to the Gemar Lorini team and  all my sponsors and sorry we couldn’t take a trophy today.”
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